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Waste Oil

Danbury Oils Limited

Danbury Oils are fully licenced used cooking oil waste handlers

We all have a responsibility to dispose of our used cooking oil responsibly but for businesses, this responsibility is a legal requirement.

The incorrect disposal of used cooking oil can not only have a hugely negative environmental impact but for businesses, failure to correctly dispose of used cooking oil can result in huge fines, prosecution and enforced closure of your business.  Food Safety Act (FSA) 1990.

We offer a regular collection service and provide our customers with Fatboxx Wheelie bins or barrels for the safe storage of their used cooking oil.  We collect this used oil on our delivery runs and replace the bin with an empty one to be refilled.

We will credit your account with the fair market price for any used oil we collect.

Danbury Oils is fully registered with the Environment Agency for the collection and disposal of your used cooking oil.  We provide all of our customers with a waste transfer note to prove its safe disposal.

We are members of the ISCC ensuring that all of the used cooking oil we collect is of sustainable origin and is recycled up the chain to other accredited organisations.

The waste oil we collect is filtered at our factory and stored in large tanks where it is taken to our trusted, ISCC Accredited waste oil operative who in turn sends this used oil to Biodiesel production operatives.

Why choose us?

40 Years of Experience

Established over 40 years ago, we have maintained a leading reputation as a top vegetable oil supplier. We are committed to delivering a premium quality product, first-class service, and affordable prices with a focus on sustainability.

Next-Day Delivery

We pride ourselves on our next-day wholesale delivery service, covering London, Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk, Kent, Sussex, Surrey and Hertfordshire. We also offer weekly or fortnightly delivery to our end-user customers.

Quality Product

Viking branded oils have always been British refined Rapeseed oil, we do not purchase cheaper Rapeseed from Eastern Europe, and we are therefore confident in the quality of the product we provide.

If you’re looking for leading rapeseed oil suppliers, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today for a quote!

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