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Because we pack our own oil, we are able to offer our product in various container types.

For our wholesale customers, we can provide Anti Glug Bottle in a Box or IBC’s containing 15L, 18L or 20L of either NON-GM British refined Rapeseed Oil or Soybean oil.

Our easily identifiable Viking Brand oils are the first choice of many of our customers but we can also offer our oil in plain containers onto which we will apply a label unique to your own brand. We are happy for our customers to supply their own labels too which our operatives will attach during packing.

For our end user customers, we can supply our oil in the same packaging as above if required but we endeavour to deliver as much oil as possible in our 20L returnable container.

These containers are made of robust plastic and can be cleaned and refilled hundreds of times eliminating the use of single use plastics.

This option means our customers pay only for the oil and not the container as we refund the drum deposit back to our customer for every empty drum we collect.

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