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Waste Oil Collection Surrey

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In Surrey , the ethical disposal of used cooking oil isn’t just an environmental duty; for businesses, it’s a legal mandate. Improper handling of waste oil can lead to severe ecological harm, and for businesses, non-compliance might result in substantial penalties, legal action, or even mandatory shutdowns, as stipulated by the Food Safety Act of 1990.

Danbury Oils champions responsible waste oil collection in Surrey. Our comprehensive Waste Oil Collection Surrey service includes a regular and efficient collection schedule. We equip our customers with specially designed Fatboxx Wheelie bins or barrels for secure oil storage. In sync with our delivery operations, we collect the filled containers, replacing them with empty ones, ensuring continuous, hassle-free service. This systematic approach not only safeguards the environment but also ensures that your business remains compliant and operationally efficient.

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    We will credit your account with the fair market price for any waste oil collection Surrey.

    Danbury Oils not only ensures the efficient collection of waste oil in Surrey but also offers a unique benefit: crediting your account with the market value for collected waste oil in Surrey.

    As a company fully registered with the Environment Agency, we guarantee legal and environmentally safe disposal of used cooking oil for our waste collection in Surrey, providing necessary waste transfer documentation for your records.

    Our membership in the ISCC underscores our commitment to sustainable practices, ensuring that the collected oil contributes positively to the ecosystem. The waste oil undergoes filtration at our facility and is then responsibly channelled to ISCC-accredited biodiesel producers, exemplifying our dedication to a sustainable cycle from collection to repurposing.

    Danbury Oils Limited

    Waste Oil Collection: Your Reliable Partner

    Our commitment to environmental responsibility begins with the safe storage and collection of used cooking oil. We offer a comprehensive and dependable service designed to meet your unique needs.

    1. Safe Storage and Waste Oil Collection Surrey: Our service in Surrey begins with providing secure storage solutions for used cooking oil. We offer Fatboxx Wheelie bins and barrels, specifically designed for safety and spill prevention, meeting the unique needs of each client.

    2. Streamlined Collection Process: In Surrey, enjoy hassle-free waste oil disposal with our regular collection service. Our team efficiently replaces full containers with empty ones during routine visits, ensuring a smooth and environmentally conscious process.

    3. Environmental Compliance and Certification: As a fully registered entity with the Environment Agency, we not only collect but also responsibly dispose of used cooking oil, backed by a waste transfer note for legal compliance.

    4. Commitment to Sustainable Practices: Our ISCC membership underlines our dedication to sustainability in Surrey. We ensure that collected waste oil is sourced sustainably and advocate for its recycling, aligning with our core values of environmental stewardship.

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    FAQ | Waste Oil Collection Surrey | Danbury Oils

    What is Waste Oil Collection Surrey?

    A specialised service by Danbury Oils for the safe and efficient collection of used cooking oil in Surrey.

    How does the collection process work?

    We provide secure containers for waste oil storage and regularly collect the filled containers, replacing them with empty ones.

    Is the service environmentally friendly?

    Absolutely. We adhere to strict environmental guidelines and ensure sustainable practices in every step of waste oil collection and disposal.

    Who can use this service?

    Our service is available for both commercial establishments and households in Surrey.

    Are there legal requirements for waste oil disposal?

    Yes, there are specific legal requirements, and our service ensures that you comply with these regulations.

    How does this service contribute to sustainability?

    Collected oil is sustainably processed and recycled, reducing environmental impact and supporting eco-friendly initiatives.

    Why choose us?

    40 Years of Experience

    Established over 40 years ago, we have maintained a leading reputation for Waste cooking oil collection experts in Surrey. We deliver premium quality, first-class service, affordable prices and focus on sustainability.

    Wide Area Coverage

    We cover Suffolk, Essex, Kent, Sussex, Surrey and Hertfordshire. We also offer weekly or fortnightly delivery to our end-user customers. Whatever you require, we’ve got it covered.

    Quality Service

    We are a dedicated waste cooking oil collection Surrey company for a range of leading and reputable customers including wholesalers, pubs, clubs, restaurants, fast-food centres and more.

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