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Vegetable Cooking Oil Suppliers

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    Delivering Quality With A Focus On Environmental Sustainability

    Leading Vegetable Cooking Oil Suppliers

    Established over 40 years ago, Danbury Oils has maintained a top reputation as leading vegetable cooking oil suppliers. We provide a full service delivering fresh, high-quality oils and fats and removing used cooking oils from your business premises. What’s more, we are committed to delivering a premium quality product, first-class service, and affordable prices with a focus on sustainability. So, if you’ve been looking for vegetable cooking oil suppliers that you can trust and who focus on environmental sustainability, you’ve found the answer. Get in touch with us today!

    What types of vegetable oil are there?

    Founded in 1982, we are vegetable cooking oil suppliers across a range of industries. Our first-class service is available to wholesalers, pubs, clubs, restaurants, fast-food centres, and many more who can benefit from the same first-class service at a wholesale price. We pride ourselves on our next-day wholesale delivery service, covering London, Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk, Kent, Sussex, Surrey and Hertfordshire. Read on to find out more about our services as vegetable cooking oil suppliers.

    Rapeseed Oil & Cold Pressed Rape Seed Oil

    Rapeseed is an annual oil crop in the Brassica family, which is related to mustard, cabbage, and broccoli. Over the years the rapeseed plant has been bred to reduce the amount of erucic acid and glycosylates it contains so that it can be used in cooking and other food preparations. Original Rapeseed oil could contain up to 50% erucic acid, but food-grade approved oil can contain as low as 2%. The UK is currently able to produce approximately 90% of its national requirement. As suppliers of vegetable oils, contact us for rapeseed oil.

    Rapeseed Oil Key Features

    • 18lt & 20lt plain, Viking or own label drums.
    • 20lt plastic reusable packaging available to our end-user customers.
    • Premium quality long-life oil.
    • GM-free, British refined oil.
    • E900 Anti-Foaming agent.
    • Ideal for deep or shallow frying.
    • Excellent base oil for salads and dressings.
    • Long shelf life.
    • Packed 42 units to a standard 40″ x 48″ pallet.
    • Heat shrink pallets for load security.

    Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    Extra virgin olive oil is made simply by crushing olives and extracting the juice. Therefore, it is made without the use of chemicals and industrial refining. Extra virgin olive oil doesn’t include any additives and its quality and taste are influenced by the varieties of olives, the area in which they were grown, and the production practices of a dedicated producer. As vegetable cooking oil suppliers, we have seen extra virgin olive oil mostly used as a salad dressing or as an ingredient in salad dressings.

    Extra Virgin Olive Oil Key Features

    • Classic Spanish Extra Virgin olive oil.
    • Attractive golden-green colour and fruity flavour with a buttery texture.
    • Assured consistent quality.
    • A blend of Andalusian olives typical of the Cordoba region.
    • Extremely stable oil gives long shelf life.
    • Versatile for all culinary use.
    • Available in 5L bottles.

    Olive Pomace Oil

    Produced using the latest in technology, olive pomace oil has a consistent flavour and guaranteed quality. Not to be confused with olive oil, olive pomace oil is a blend of refined olive pomace oil and virgin oils that are fit for consumption. This oil blend has a higher smoke point than pure olive oil so it’s ideal for all kinds of cooking. The mild flavour makes it versatile for use in many recipes, making it a cost-effective basic ingredient that is ideal for any kitchen. As your choice of vegetable cooking oil suppliers, we can supply quality olive pomace oil.

    Olive Pomace Oil Key Features

    • Mild fruity flavour.
    • A blend of refined olive pomace oils and virgin oils.
    • Assured consistent quality.
    • Retains high levels of oleanolic acid.
    • Higher smoke point than pure olive oil.
    • Extremely stable oil gives long shelf life.
    • Versatile for all culinary use in any kitchen.
    • Supplied in 5L containers.

    Block Frymax™

    Frymax™ is the leading all-vegetable frying fat for the fish frying trade with an enviable reputation for quality and consistency built over 60 years. Frymax™ is an additive-free product delivering perfect performance time after time. Frymax™ is produced using refined and deodorised oils which undergo a series of strict tests ensuring that it is of the highest quality. Frymax™ contains no hydrogenated oils and has less than 1% trans fatty acids. It is non-GM and doesn’t contain any allergens.

    Block Frymax™ Key Features

    • Leading choice of the fish frying trade for over 60 years.
    • Additive-free, long-lasting product.
    • Made with the finest refined and deodorised oils.
    • Contains sustainable palm oil from RSPO-certified production units.
    • Contains no hydrogenated oil and is GM-free.
    • Less than 1% trans fatty acids.
    • Does not contain any allergens.

    Block Palm Oil

    You may be surprised to learn that many of the foods you eat are made with palm oil. Palm oil is an extraordinarily versatile product designed for a wide range of applications. As top vegetable cooking oil suppliers, our block palm oil is produced by ADM Olenex from 100% sustainable palm-certified plantations. Refined varieties are used in manufacturing shortenings, cooking oils, margarine and a host of other food ingredients and finished products. As vegetable cooking oil suppliers, we offer block palm oil in 12.5kg boxes.

    Soy Bean Oil

    Soybean oil is a vegetable oil that’s extracted from the seeds of the soybean plant and is widely used in the catering industry. As a healthy food ingredient with a range of benefits, soybean oil can be used in a variety of cooking methods including frying, baking and roasting. As top vegetable cooking oil suppliers, we offer refined Soyabean oil in labelled 15/18 & 20lt tins, or anti-glug Eurobox safety containers. 1 & 4lt retail bottles or 1000lt containers.

    Our Vegetable Oil Delivery

    Using our vehicles we provide next-day delivery to our wholesale customers in London, Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk, Kent, Surrey and Hertfordshire. As top vegetable cooking oil suppliers, we offer weekly or fortnightly delivery to our end-user customers.

    Our Sustainability Promise

    We package our oil at our factory in Maldon and offer our customers the option of our robust, reusable drums. We can offer out oil in fully recyclable packaging and collect your waste oil for recycling too. As a leading vegetable cooking oil suppliers, we believe that environmental sustainability is important and are continually looking at ways of evolving and improving our business with this at the forefront of our decision process.

    If you’re looking for leading vegetable cooking oil suppliers, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today for a quote!

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