We Collect Used Cooking Oils

Danbury Oils Ltd has been collecting used cooking oil for over 30 years, originally it was used for cooking animal feed and then converted into tallow before being used in the cosmetics industry. In recent years the vast majority of used cooking oil is now being processed into Bio-Fuel.

We offer a frequent collection service and will make sure you meet all of your “Duty of Care” legal requirements as a waste producer to only transfer waste cooking oil to a licensed and authorised collecter.

Your account will receive a credit at a fair market rate based on the quality and quantity of oil that is collected.

We are a registered waste carrier and are fully compliant with the current waste management regulations, so you can be confident you are dealing with a professional company not a rogue operator. You will be issued with a waste transfer note to cover all waste oils & fats we remove from your premisis, thereby protecting you from possible prosecution and protecting your reputation.

Used cooking oil you want collected should be in sealed containers, the bottle in the Euro safety box container is perfectly capable of being refilled with your used oil (DO NOT TRY AND REFILL THIS CONTAINER WITH OIL OVER 60 DEGREES CENTIGRADE!). We can provide containers should you need them or if you are using our returnable drum scheme to avoid the loss of your drum deposit.