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Used Fryer Oil Collection

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    Delivering Quality With A Focus On Environmental Sustainability

    Used Fryer Oil Collection Experts

    With over 40 years of experience, we at Danbury Oils have established a leading reputation as used Fryer Oil Collection. We provide a full service removing used fryer oils from your business premises. We are committed to delivering superior service and competitive prices with a focus on sustainability. So, if you’ve been looking for reliable and affordable fryer oil Collection, you’ve found the answer with us. Get in touch with us today!

    What is used fryer oil Collection?

    We are leading used fryer oil collection experts, and have been collecting used cooking oil for over 40 years. In the past, used fryer oil was used as animal feed and then converted into tallow before being used in the cosmetics industry. Recently, used fryer oil is now processed into biofuel. As fryer oil Collection experts, we offer a frequent collection service. We will also ensure that you meet all legal requirements as a waste producer by transferring waste cooking oil to a licensed and authorised collector. Your account will receive a credit at a fair market rate based on the quality and quantity of the oil that is collected.

    We are a registered waste carrier and are fully compliant with the current waste management regulations. This means you can be confident you are dealing with cooking oil recycling professionals. You will be issued with a waste transfer note to cover all waste oils & fats we remove from your premises, there by protecting you from possible prosecution and protecting your reputation.

    How does used fryer oil collection work?

    We ask that any used fryer oil to be collected be in sealed containers such as the bottle in the Euro safety box container. We are leading fryer oil collection specialists and believe that environmental sustainability is important and are continually looking at ways of evolving and improving our business with this at the forefront of our decision process. Alternatively, if you are using our returnable drum scheme to avoid the loss of your drum deposit.

    What’s the problem with pouring fats and oils down the sink?

    If you fail to dispose of your used cooking oil correctly or don’t undertake cooking oil recycling, you could face plumbing, environmental, and economic issues. Here’s why it’s vital to contact cooking oil recycling experts…


    Fats and oils that are disposed of down a sink will inevitably solidify and stick to your pipes. This can lead to your pipes becoming clogged and drains completely blocked in the long run, therefore causing you an expensive plumbing problem.

    Pipe damage

    As well as blocking your pipes, pouring hot oil down a sink can severely burn and erode your pipes. This too can be a costly and time-consuming problem to repair which may result in downtime and losses for your business.


    If you dispose of cooking oil down your sink, your pipes and drains will eventually produce unpleasant odours as they decompose. Proper cooking oil recycling and disposal will ensure that you don’t face this problem.

    Environmental issues

    As cooking oil recycling experts with a focus on sustainability, we urge you to contact specialists for disposal. If cooking oils enter bodies of water, they could significantly harm plants and animals.

    What are the benefits of proper fryer oil Collection?

    Staying legal

    The 1990 Food Safety Act provides guidelines on how to handle and dispose of used cooking oils. Businesses that fail to properly dispose of cooking oil can face serious penalties such as fines and even risk forced closure.


    Used cooking oils are recycled into biofuels such as biodiesel. For every litre of cooking oil recycling, one litre of biodiesel can be produced. This is much better for the environment as they are sustainable alternatives to fossil fuel diesel.


    Proper cooking oil recycling contributes positively to our environment. Used cooking oil can be made into fuel, therefore building a sustainable and renewable energy source. We have a responsibility to safeguard our environment as cooking oil recycling experts.

    Is cooking oil recycling a legal requirement?

    The Food Safety Act of 1990 provides guidelines on how to handle and dispose of used cooking oils. Businesses that fail to properly dispose of cooking oil can face serious penalties such as fines and even risk forced closure.

    Why choose us?

    40 Years of Experience

    Established over 40 years ago, we have maintained a leading reputation as cooking oil recycling experts. We deliver a premium quality, first-class service, affordable prices and focus on sustainability.

    Wide Area Coverage

    We cover London, Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk, Kent, Sussex, Surrey and Hertfordshire. We also offer weekly or fortnightly delivery to our end-user customers. Whatever you require, we’ve got it covered.

    Quality Service

    We are a dedicated cooking oil recycling company for a range of leading and reputable customers including wholesalers, pubs, clubs, restaurants, fast-food centres and more.

    If you’re looking for cooking oil recycling, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today for a quote!

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