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About Us

Danbury Oils | Used Cooking Oil | Waste Cooking Oil | Waste Oil Recycling | Waste Oil Collection
Who We Are


Danbury Oils was founded in 1982 and moved to its current location in Heybridge Essex in 1987.
We are a family business where traditional values and service are important. The core members of our team have been with the company from inception and instil these values in all our employees.

From the outset, the company’s focus was to provide a premium quality product and first class service at a cost effective price with a strong focus on environmental sustainability. We package our oil at our premises in Heybridge offering our end user customers the option of our fully reusable, recyclable drums.
Viking brand oils have always been premium, British refined oils. We supply both British refined non-gm rapeseed oil and soya bean (vegetable) oil under our own brand. Company policy has always been to fully inform the customer about the oil they are buying. We offer soya bean oil as an alternative to rapeseed oil but ensure our customers are fully aware that the vast majority of uk soya bean oil is from genetically modified sources.

In recent years we have expanded our operation to supply the end user, providing a premium product and service direct at a wholesale price. We offer a used oil collection service and are registered waste carriers and members of the ISCC.

Our Services

Fresh Oil Delivery

Regular, reliable delivery service to the end user in our liveried vehicles.

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Our drivers will make regular weekly/fortnightly deliveries to our customers, delivering them fresh oil in our fully returnable, reusable and recyclable packaging. They will remove the empty drums from site and replace with new oil and take away your old oil too. No need to remember to order each week, we will make sure you don’t run out!

Used Oil Collection

As licenced waste carriers, we will remove of all your waste oil from site and provide you with a waste transfer note for your records.

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Our drivers will remove your waste oil from site using the secure Fatboxx wheelie bin we provide. They will leave you with an empty bin to refill making sure it is left in a safe and secure manner.
The waste oil we collect is recycled into biodiesel.

Wholesale Oils

Next day delivery available for bulk order customers

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Delivering wholesale oils to our customers for over 40 years our reputation for a great product and reliable service precedes us. We pack your oil into our metal tins or Bottle In a Box at our factory giving our customers the option of our Viking Brand oils, Plain packaging or using your own brand labels. Packed onto pallets and shrink wrapped for safe transportation by our liveried vehicles, we pride ourselves on our first class product and excellent service.


We offer a variety of container options which we fill to order

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Because we pack our own oil we are able to offer our customer a variety of container types.
For our Wholesale customers we can pack your oil into our Anti Glug Bottle in a Box containers or IBC’s.
For our End User customers we can offer bottle in a box or our returnable drums. The returnable drums are our most cost effective, environmentally friendly option for the end user.


As industry leader in the quest for sustainable packaging, Danbury Oils has been promoting the use of our Returnable Drums for over 40 Years!!

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At Danbury Oils, we package our own oils giving us the opportunity to provide our customers with a sustainable, environmentally friendly, fully recyclable oil container.
Our robust plastic drums are filled, delivered, collected, cleaned and refilled hundreds of times before being fully recycled at the end of their useful life.

Returnable Drum System

Danbury Oils | Used Cooking Oil | Waste Cooking Oil | Waste Oil Recycling | Waste Oil Collection

Our returnable drum system eliminates the use of single-use plastics and saves you money!

Who We Are


In 2015 we expanded our service from Wholesale only to include van deliveries direct to the end user. Pubs, clubs, restaurants and fast-food venues can now benefit from the same first-class service at a wholesale price.
Our ever expanding fleet of liveried vehicles make regular deliveries to our customers making sure they have a steady, reliable supply of cooking oil.


We pride ourselves on our next day Wholesale delivery service covering London, Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk, Kent, Sussex, Surrey and Hertfordshire. Our Viking brand oils are packaged on site at our factory offering our customers the choice of NON GM British refined Rapeseed Oil or Soybean Oil. We can provide containers in a range from 10Litres to 1000Litres


We provide a full service delivering fresh high quality oils and fats and removing used cooking oils from your business premises. Contact us today to receive an up to date market price for your edible oil needs.

What Our Client Say About Us

Dave Cornthwaite
Dave Cornthwaite
Top bloke came in early to tip me.
Sally Chaney
Sally Chaney
Danbury oils long established company family owned with old fashioned value of service well respected
Great local company ,good quality cooking oil at affordable prices 👌. Highly recommended
Rosie Hill
Rosie Hill
Great Personal Service, very reliable, great prices, great oil. Would highly recommend!
Ben Chaney
Ben Chaney
Great delivery service very knowledgeable about products great asset to any restaurant and chefes
Clare humphreys
Clare humphreys
Supplies a great British product, non GM oil available. Reliable service and a No Plastic waste option offered. Good for the environment and the pocket and great for cooking with! Highly recommended

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