Soyabean Oil

Soya bean oil is widely used in the catering trade and is often just called “vegetable oil”, this practise is usually to hide the fact it is a Genetically Modified product. It is important this fact is understood as many end users of the oil make sweeping statements in menus that they do not use GM products. Soya bean oil is a very healthy food ingredient despite the bad publicity regarding fats and oils in general. Soya bean oil is very popular because it is cheap, healthy and has a high smoke point, it does not contain much saturated fat and like all other oils from vegetable origin, soya bean oil contains no cholesterol. Soya bean oil contains natural antioxidants which remain in the oil even after extraction. These antioxidants can help to prevent the oxidative rancidity.

We can supply refined Soyabean oil in labeled 15/18 & 20lt tins, or anti-glug Eurobox safety containers. 1 & 4lt retail bottles or 1000ltcontainers. IBC
The oil retains the most nutritional value if cold-pressed. Olive oil, Rapeseed oil or Canola and Safflower oil are generally among the healthiest types of oil.

We can supply British refined Viking Branded Rapeseed oil in 15/18 & 20lt Litho printed tins, or Eurobox safety anti-glug containers. Customer own label tins or Euroboxes. 1 & 4lt retail bottles or 1000lt IBC containers.