Rapeseed Oil

Rapeseed, an annual oil crop in the Brassica family, which is related to mustard, cabbage, and broccoli. Rapeseed plants grow from three to five feet tall and have yellow four petal flowers. Rapeseed is primarily grown for its oil content which is more than 40 percent and meal, which is used for animal feed, although not a high yield crop (approx 3 tonnes per hectare compared with 8 tonnes for wheat) it is an excellent break crop and an important part of the farming rotation cycle. The UK is currently able to produce approximately 90 percent of its national requirement.

Over the years the Rapeseed plant has been bred to reduce the amount of erucic acid and glucosinolates, so that it can be used in cooking and other food preparations. The original Rapeseed oil could contain up to 50 percent erucic acid, but the food-grade approved oil can contain as low as two percent, Rapeseed is also a choice oil for conversion into Bio-fuel.

The oil retains the most nutritional value if cold-pressed. Olive oil, Rapeseed oil or Canola and Safflower oil are generally among the healthiest types of oil.

We can supply British refined Viking Branded Rapeseed oil in 15/18 & 20lt Litho printed tins, or Eurobox safety anti-glug containers. Customer own label tins or Euroboxes. 1 & 4lt retail bottles or 1000lt IBC containers.