Olive Pomace Oil

Produced using the latest in technology, Olive Pomace Oil has a consistent flavour and guaranteed quality. Not to be confused with Olive Oil, Olive Pomace Oil is a blend of refined Olive Pomace Oil and Virgin Oils that are fit for consumption.

Unlike Extra Virgin Olive Oil, the method of oil extraction for Olive Pomace is no different to the process used to extract other conventional oils such as corn, soyabean, sunflower or rapeseed oil. Where Olive Pomace differs to conventional cooking oils is that after this process has taken place, it still retains the olive oil basic lipid profile and therefore has high levels of oleanolic acid. This oil blend has a higher smoke point than pure olive oil so its ideal for all kinds of cooking. The mild flavour makes it versatile for use in many recipes. A cost effective basic ingredient that is ideal for any kitchen.